Hair Straightener Tips With The Chi
Chi Hair Irons

Chi Hair Serum

The hair serums are simple to use. The product is used to straighten hair and give body and style to all hair types.

Both professionals and those who like to do their hair themselves at home have used the Chi Hair Serum.  The serum works really well if you spray some on your hair before blow drying your hair it also works well with heated tools such as the Chi Curling Irons.

The Chi Hair Serum is alcohol free and will strengthen the hair and make it controllable and soft.  The serum is enriched with pure silk, soy protein and wheat to make the hair shine.

Every type of hair, from damaged to color to curly can perk up the texture of the hair, at the same time adding overall shine and manageability.

So if you want to protect and improve the condition of your hair use Chi products with Ceramic Technology.  The product will penetrate and nourish you hair follicle, always leaving a shine behind.

If you want to get a polished look and protect your hair from heat, both from the inside as well as the outside, you should use the Chi serum.  In that way your hairstyle will last longer and will hold moisture better, especially since Chi is made from a weightless compound.

All the Chi products work well with the Chi irons to straighten the hair impeccably.  The serum will soften and give balance to your hair, at the same time locking in moisture.

So to start with, section your hair and evenly rub in the serum on your hair and scalp to help relax the hair follicle. Then depending on if you want to straighten your hair or not you can heat up you styling tool and start parting your hair into sections. By means of the curling iron slowly begin to straighten the curls.

Another function of the Chi product is repairing split ends, eliminating unwanted flyaway and frizz, and providing protection against heat and thermal damage.

Spray onto your hair the Chi product evenly throughout your hair and notice the shine and finish. You can use the Chi treatment, with Cationic hydration to make hair healthier and more manageable.

The Chi serum will promote a fuller set of hair while at the same time stimulating the head since the product is made up of rich botanicals and herbs that will help stimulate the scalp.

Here is what the serum will do in addition:

  1. Relieve scalp dryness.
  2. Stimulate the blood in the scalp area of the brain.
  3. Moisturize and condition both the scalp as well as the hair.
  4. The hair keratin density will be improved.
  5. The locks will look thicker and feel fuller.
  6. No chemicals exist in this serum product and there are rich minerals and vitamins that are non chemical  oriented being deposited into the hair follicle.
  7. Other natural ingredients in the Chi Hair Serum are the leaves of the Nettle Plant which contain all sorts of botanicals and herbs that are great for the overall scalp and hair.

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