Hair Straightener Tips With The Chi
Chi Hair Irons

Tribal Zebra Chi Flat Iron

All the rage today is smooth straight shiny hair. You know how you look when you leave the salon and have a professional straighten your hair, but are you struggling to duplicate that look for yourself? Perhaps you are using the wrong tools. A tribal zebra Chi hair straightener is a professional quality iron that you can purchase for use at home and will give you the same quality results as you get from the salon. In fact, the Chi irons are some of the highest rated flat irons on the market today because they offer so many features that make them effective on even the curliest hair.

The zebra Chi flat iron not only works fantastically well to straighten your hair, it comes in four colors so it looks great in your bathroom and is fun to use. Zebra print is popular and you can purchase yours in white, pink, blue, or purple zebra print. They do the same job as the original Chi, but with a fun and decorative twist.

The reason that a zebra Chi ceramic flat iron does such a fantastic job on your hair are due to the ceramic plates that heat evenly and add moisture to the hair shaft while straightening your hair. This prevents the frizzy look better than any other tool on the market because the negative ions produced by the ceramic bond with the positive ions in the hair shaft to give that shiny healthy look. It is even safe for color treated and delicate hair.

This tool heats up quickly and within a few seconds of turning it on, you are ready to style your hair. With a one-inch wide surface, you can straighten, flip, or even add curl to your hair with this tool, replacing all the other styling tools you have been using. Make sure hair is dry before starting and take care that you do not hold the hot iron on any one section of hair too long. Some experts recommend using a product on your hair to protect it from heat damage prior to straightening it.

Other standard features of the zebra Chi that make it a breeze to use include a long ten foot cord that has a 360 degree swivel ability at the base so you never have a tangled cord to fight with. It is also ergonomically designed so that it fits easily into your hand and the Chi is lightweight, making it easy to hold for the time it takes you to style your hair. These features make it ideal for special uses such as adding a little flip at the ends of the hair or even curling your hair with it.

To add curl to your hair using this tool, section small sections first as you would normally do. Starting close to the root, place hair in the Chi and run it down towards the ends of the hair. When it is close to the end of the hair, twist the hair up and around the barrel of the tool and hold for just a few seconds. When you release the hair, you will have a soft curl.

If you are looking for a professional quality styling tool that will give you soft, shiny, straight hair, then the tribal zebra Chi flat iron is going to be right for you. Within a few minutes, you will have salon perfect hair. With a little practice, this tool can be the only tool you need to style your hair and it is pretty enough to add a bit of interest to the decor in your bathroom.

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